Confederacy protocol

Is a protocol, defining minimal rules of behavior among communities, members of confederacy.

An example of minimal protocol articles (source:

  • Golden Rule. Don’t treat other communities the way you would not like to be treated.
  • Answer the calls and communicate according to the protocol agreed. [the fundamental obligation of a confederated community is participation, following the rules accepted]
  • Freedom of opt-out. Your people may leave the community any time they wish. On the same ground you may leave the Confederation any time. [the intention here is to make sure that even the most bizarre communities will be treated equally, while people will be able to escape in case a community goes wild]
  • Between communities violence is accepted only in clear self-defense. If you attack first, you face the consequences. [one of the tricky pieces of the puzzle – when the inter-community violence is accepted; surely, there must be rules here, but I do not see a way to make one set of them fitting all]
  • Protect the Confederation at any time. Any attack on a Confederation member community is an attack on Confederation itself.
  • When in doubt, call up an assembly. [for a confederation, an assembly is a universal tool]

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