Axioms (understood in the way much less strict than in mathematics or logic) are non-disputable truths we accept as fundamental for our worldview.
In this section I plan to explore my axioms as I uncover them, trying to describe my worldview as it exists now. Initially, it will probably be just a list — axioms by definition are hard to analyse and explain. 🙂

Watch the list growing…


In our (Western) tradition being rational is considered one of major values. To support one’s judgement, one usually builds more or less elaborate chains of reasoning, sometimes supported by scientific method, eventually anchored in some undisputable statements. But even the most strict scientific reasoning is always based on hypotheses, not ultimate truth.
Outside of the “hard” science there is even more space for arbitrary choices. Eventually, we all — consciously or not — choose “our” axiomatic bases arbitrarily. QED.

  • It is better if people have more freedom rather than less.
  • We are not identities, we have them.

Identity is like personality. It is ok if a person have more then one but (dys)functionality condition applies.

  • If I have to choose, I take freedom over anarchy.
  • People who are stronger than others (in any respect) are obliged to help, support and empower those weaker than they are.

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