Communities Against Collapse Study Group.

* Summary *

This document is a proposal for you, Dear Reader, to join and co-create a grassroots study group, focused on practical impact of climate change on the life of local and intentional communities. Second goal is to formulate ideas how the communities in question can respond to this challenge and improve chances to survive for themselves and, consequently, for humanity as a whole.

This work is undertaken in a grassroots and peer-to-peer way. Group participants will act as links with their respective communities, looking for sources of information and knowledge locally and (through the internet) globally.

The works of the group will be published as an open and collaborative corpus of knowledge. It will also become a base for Walkaway Coop to propose technology solutions, addressing specific problems as they emerge.

The ultimate goal is to create a platform for involved communities to share awareness, knowledge and eventually to coordinate any actions related to climate change adaptation and survival.

* Assumptions *

We work under several (arbitrary) assumptions which should be periodically reviewed, but not continually disputed. The minimal list of assumptions is:

  1. The climate change (defined as natural and political effects of global warming) is in progress and cannot be stopped, let alone reversed, in our lifetime.
  2. The ways of mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, being adopted by governments, transnational corporations and international bodies, are not beneficiary for local or intentional communities.
  3. There is a need to develop networked response to this challenge, based on common awareness and peer-to-peer coordination among involved communities.
  4. The first step towards this goal is to create a study group, gathering facts and opinions about climate change and answering questions as they occur.
  5. The first and foremost question, encompassing the whole work, is “How the climate change is going to influence my community and how can we prepare to face this challenge?”

* Work Organisation *

  1. Let’s start from verification of statements given in this document. They are proposals, not final. So our first “quest” is to create common base for us to work.
  2. Let’s create a list of topics (research questions) we want to answer. Some of them will be “global”, like “What will happen to Balkan agriculture if the warming goes up to 16*C (+2*C scenario)?”, some will be “local”, like “What ecological intentional communities are now existing in Albania?”
  3. Let’s see, who is willing to take responsibility for these questions. We will then be able to identify the gaps — and find ways to cover them.
  4. Get on with the work…

If you want to take part in this process, please join the mailing list at Please remember that messages from the list are usually routed to the spam folder. Check it and adjust your spam filter, if you know how to.

Of course, you are invited to ask any questions you may have. Post them as comments below this text.

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