1st things 1st

Dear Reader!


Here is the place for a growing list of disclaimers, disclosures and general statements concerning this website. If you have any kind of WTF-moment while reading it, here you should be able to find a consolation. If you cannot — let me know.


This website is not intended to make you change your mind.

If you read it once or twice, check the documents (selectively) linked here and go into “bullshit, bullshit!” or “yessss…. but…” modes, I invite you to move on and get back to your life.

This place is for those, who agree on its assumptions and conclusions and want to talk about elaboration, improvement and implementation of ideas presented here. Thank you for your understanding.


This site is a life-long work in progress.

Texts published here are by definition imperfect and incomplete. The structure is morphing and many thougts may be revoked (I will do my best to leave the historical trail of changes).

Of course, as I am just a part-time thinker and writer, I am unable to push the work ahead on all fronts at the same time. If you care to comment, argue or just ask your question, using channels provided, it will make prioritisation much easier for me.


For several years already, I live and work 100% on private donations.

If you believe my work is worth it, use one of the donation links provided and help me go ahead.


English is my 4th language.

I will be happy to receive all possible suggestions how to improve my vocabulary, grammar, spelling etc. On the other hand, I value my peculiar style of writing, so no promises. 🙂

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